The Wet n Joy Project with NUVOCO

The complications of a Theme Park infrastructure is a different subject altogether; however we had a chance to capture the construction of Wet n Joy theme park with NUVOCO. Their latest innovative product Artiste was incorporated into building the latest pathways, structures and has a strong foundation with easy handling of the product. 

As the use of stamped concrete is not common in India, especially on huge infrastructural projects like Wet n Joy theme park , there were many difficulties right from the beginning on the concerns of reliability, durability, cost effectiveness and weather wear-out. 

The use of stamped concrete is not only for utilitarian assistance but also for aesthetic enhancement of the structural constructions making it an integral part for the project itself which we identified very well from the beginning. Therefore it was 360 VR FX‘s responsibility to highlight all the steps included in the constructional process, as once we enter the realm of construction site there is no going back in the past to capture the important highlights & process of the project, adjusting with the harsh weather during which the project has been constructed, the urgency of capturing the construction site within limited time frame and schedule was a magnificent task as the main difficulty arrived in settlement of VR equipment on the site with proper placement for excellent angles and detailed view. 

We captured the site in virtual reality capturing every single detail and process making it easier to revisit the making of the infrastructure as real as in real life in fact more astonishingly ethereal than in real life situations. 

This project exclusively highlights the complexity and high precision craftsmanship of the professionals as well as the remarkable high quality of the  product Artiste, Artiste being the perfect match for any environment: it can be combined with brick, metal, wood or grass for a wide range of possibilities. 

As virtual reality production 360 VR FX was solely responsible to produce the immersive experience for the unique product Artiste by NUVOCO in professional endeavor with India’s largest wave-pool water park, Wet n Joy