The VR experience of the Mumbai Metro was a noble opportunity to truly inculcate our knowledge of virtual reality with intense highest quality immersiveness. The past research and experience of this technology made  360 VR FX accomplish the task with great enthusiasm and passionate results.

We are witnessing a revolutionary change in the architecture and infrastructure of our city. The city of dream has a Mumbai Metro project building its way to enhance the transportation system of the city. 360 VR FX was the sole agency to checklist all the required elements, information, and surpass all obstacles and incorporate the latest technologies to cater our client, who are bringing brilliant changes in the construction and infrastructure industries with their innovative and productively reliable quality products and services.

The main obstacles however, included the harsh conditions of the underground tunnel, the overlaid dispersion of the on-going working sites, The capturing of all round progress and details of every site during hectic schedule with privacy and precision. But we believe the more difficult the task the more exciting it is for 360VRFX, it encouraged us for exploring the newer dimensions within this futuristic technology and certainly we were sailing the ship in the right direction.

Complexity is in nature of any technology especially if it’s new and high-tech. A complex Idea usually appeals more than a simpler one, but we think simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and thus; We look not only forward but in all directions to continue delivering the best of virtual reality.


DATE: 6 Jan 2020
SERVICE: VR Experience 

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